Civ V – Stacking Up Awards Before It’s Even Released

Months before its anticipated released date, Civ V is racking up some amazing reviews and awards. It has already won GameSpot’s People’s Choice Award, multiple E3 awards from IGN, and Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game from GameInformer! That is already quite a bit of achievements for this 5th generation of the beloved Civilization series. Game Informer even went as far as saying that games like new Civ remind us why it is still good to be a PC gamer and that it has shed all of its competition away with this single release.

PC gamers worldwide have been patiently waiting for the release of Civ V since 2005, and according to current reviews, it was well worth the wait. The designers for Civ 5 really tried to clean up the game of unneeded clutter and make it simpler. However, that doesn’t mean it got easier because the game is definitely harder to master than you may think. Not only are the sounds and graphics better, but there have been additions of city-states that really increase the importance of diplomacy in the entire game. These city-states are weak civilizations that you can conquer or form alliances with. Also if another unit tries to attack a city-state you have alliance with, you can opt to help out the city-state. In turn, you will be rewarded with bonuses and your relationship will also improve.

Combat processes require much more thought now that there is a limit to only one unit per hex (square). You will actually have to strategically place everything within your unit to make the combat more realistic and functional. The maps and terrains have also been upgraded and can now impact your game more than before. The terrain you are having a combat on can actually influence how your battles turn out in this Civ. In previous Civs, the world leaders would pop up in a box on your screen but technology has vastly improved that. Now all the world leaders appear in full 3D in the game, and they actually speak in their native languages! Talk about making history much more interesting!

The most talked about change for Civ 5 is the change from squares to hexagons, or hexes. The hexes give you a bigger strategic advantage when planning your attacks and give you much more space to play around in. The hexes will allow you to perform tasks that you may have wanted to in previous Civ games but were simply impossible based on the designs of the squares. There are definitely some big changes to the new installment of the Civilization series, and for the most part they all seem to be vastly improving the way the game is played. When the game hits shelves and online retailers in September, you should definitely give this game a try. Even if you have never played a Civ game yet, Civ 5 is the best on to start out on.