Freight Broker Training Program – Consider Internet Marketing – More Money, Better Hours

Before you sign up for a freight broker training program, you might want to take a look at Internet Marketing as a way to create income. The hours are better, and you can probably make more money as an internet marketer than you can as a freight broker. I know a handful of freight brokers and a handful of internet marketers – the internet marketers that I know make a lot more money than the freight brokers I know.

If you are looking for a way to work out of your home office, both work well. Working as a freight broker, or an agent for a freight broker is a great way to make money and develop a career. The biggest problem that I found as a freight broker was the time commitment. I lived in the North Central Rockies and had clients on both the East coast and the West coast. In order to take advantage of the early morning business and the late afternoon business on both coasts, I was on the phone from 6am to 6 pm five days a week.

I found that I couldn’t get too far away from the “office.” When a trucker needs a load or a shipper needs a truck, neither will wait very long for you to get back to the office to check out schedules and availability. It is a very competitive business, and they will quickly find someone else who can fill their needs.

Once you have established yourself, and developed a strong customer base, you will have a little more flexibility with your time, but not much. Most truckers only stop to eat and sleep. In order to pay their bills, once they deliver a load, they need to pick up another one ASAP. They will check the internet loadboards and find a load. If they call you about one of your loads, and you aren’t there to help negotiate the price and get them loaded, they will call the next broker on the board.

The real task of a freight broker is to negotiate the price between the shipper and the hauler. Rarely can you set up a load on one phone call. Many loads require multiple back-and-forth calls until both parties can agree on a price. Negotiating skills and a lot of diplomacy are required to get the job done.

The key to success as a freight broker is to establish a handful of loyal shippers who will always call you first to get a truck under their load. That’s not always easy, as many of the big shippers have their own in-house brokers and agents. It is a very competitive and sometimes cut-throat business. In a sense, the freight broker business is a zero-sum game. There are thousands of shippers and thousands of loads, but the scope of each individual freight broker is limited. When two brokers vie for the same load, one will win, and one will lose.

Internet Marketing, on the other hand, does not require the commitment to such a demanding time schedule. While it does require the same dedication, the need for “desk time” is much less rigorous. Because of the vast capacity of the internet and the huge online demand for products and services, internet marketing is far from a zero-sum game. The marketplace spans the globe, and the choice of products and services is limitless. Google reports well over 2.5 billion searches a day, and Neilson Online estimates that 84% of the 2 billion global internet users have shopped online, assuring that someone, somewhere is always looking for something to buy.As an internet marketer, you can offer many different products and services to many different people.

The freight broker training program and the internet marketing training program will both require some time and some money to learn the basic skills needed, but both are relatively easy disciplines to master. In either case, the common benefit is the ability to work out of your home office, and be your own boss. As a freight broker, your real-time presence on the phone is the most important aspect of your business. As an internet marketer, your virtual presence on the internet is the most important aspect of your business.

Online Master Degrees

Competition for the most lucrative positions in different industries and companies often boil down to the extent of an individual’s educational background. With all things being equal, including years of service and experience, people with the right educational background win. But in a world where most employees have college degrees, the only way to shine is by brandishing a master’s degree.

Master’s degrees often take about two years to complete. They require a thesis or a comprehensive exam at the end of the program. Most master’s degree programs require applicants to have at least two years of work experience before becoming eligible to enroll. Years ago, people would have to sacrifice a great deal to be in a master’s degree program. Today, however, an individual can easily juggle work, family, and continuing education. Through distance learning or online degree programs, master’s degrees can be attained at an individual’s own pace and setting.

Demand for such a setup has prodded even reputable and highly traditional educational facilities to expand their services to include online degree programs. Now, people can choose to finish their MA or master’s degree in almost any field and discipline online. Some of the master’s degrees available in distance learning include Master’s Degrees in Accounting; Master’s in Business Administration; Master’s in Business; Master’s in Business Communication; Master’s in Computer Science; Master’s in Education; Master’s in Teaching; Master’s in Management; Master’s in International Management; Master’s in Nonprofit Management; Master’s in Marketing; Master’s in Nursing and Health Care; Master’s in Technology; Master’s in Criminal Justice; Master’s in Psychology; Master’s in Project Management; Master’s in Human Services; Master’s in Civil Engineering; Master’s in Engineering; Master’s of Science in Natural Health; Master’s of Physician Assistant; Master’s of Geriatric Health; Master’s of Public Health; Master’s of Health Administration; Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition; Master of Arts in Holistic Wellness; Master of Arts in Diplomacy; Master’s in Justice Administration; Master of Science in Information Assurance; and Master of Arts in Military History; among many others.

Train Online For an Education in the Government

Government employees bring to mind certain qualities and attributes which gain respect and admiration. The sphere of government is wide with many different areas to think about all involving a career in public service. Accredited online colleges offer numerous degrees involving government. A prospective student will be able to choose from respected degrees in the many different avenues that will enable them to enter a career in federal, state, or local government. No matter what an individual’s career goals are there will be some form of schooling for them.

Government can be defined as a system that has authority over a political unit or community. Online education will prepare individuals for this type of work in a variety of ways. With the occupational options for government being so vast a prospective student will have many career options. A student will be able to choose a specific path of education that will prepare them for their selected career. Within this definition lie many options for schooling including:

  • public administration
  • military service
  • non-profit management

and more. Online training will make earning a degree in government faster and will put the learning process in the student’s hands.

Online training can focus on various aspects of government depending on the field of study. Areas of study include:

  • public policy
  • political communication
  • diplomacy

and more. Earning a political communication degree will have students learning about media and public relations. These subjects will be applied to teach students about creating and implementing laws. Online degree programs and courses will give students a well-rounded education in the history of government and politics to adequately prepare them for governmental work. Many online schools offer programs for students to gain a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Students can further their education by obtaining a PhD in government that will allow them to become politicians, diplomats, and more.

A bachelor of arts in political science is an option for students interested in government. A degree program like this will teach students about politics and how they pertain to real world situations. Many questions will be explored through the program. Questions like, is a democracy lead by a president through the legislative branch more effective than a prime minister leading the legislature? Is a multi-party system more practical than a two-party system? How can the government represent all groups of the population and push the phrase common citizenship? Students will learn the answers to these questions and more through the degree objectives while focusing on:

  • political theory
  • political parties
  • political systems

and interest groups. A bachelor’s degree like this will typically require a student to complete around 120 credit hours. The cost for a program like this could be approximately $250 per credit hour.

Government training online is extremely beneficial for individuals who want to work with the public through some form of government. Turn your goal of working within the government realm into a possibility. Search online accredited schools that fit your passion and schedule. Accreditation is proof that a quality education will be received. Schools acquire full accreditation from agencies like the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (