Criminal Justice Careers

A career in criminal justice begins with the right kind of educational background and training. Practitioners are expected to show expertise in law enforcement, administration, criminal psychology and sociology, forensics, among others.

Training for a Career in Criminal Justice

Persons interested to get a career in the field of criminal justice need to earn the appropriate degrees. Like in any profession, an individual may opt to undergo an undergraduate program or get a master’s degree in an area of specialty.

Students may take classroom lectures or go online for their degrees. Either way, the quality of education depends on the institution and the expertise of their lecturers. Hands-on training and exposure to real-life situations and cases may spell the success of a graduate in landing the right job.

Careers in Criminal Justice

Holders of criminal justice degrees may find job opportunities in several areas of the field. The most common and popular choice is to join the police force as law enforcers or as agents for the Secret Service or homeland security. Others who have a knack for solving puzzles take jobs as crime scene investigators, criminal profilers, and evidence experts.

There are also practitioners who put their skills and knowledge in the rehabilitation of convicts and planning of correction facilities. Some exert influence on the policy making procedures regarding criminal justice and shape how society views crimes. Or get posts in the courts as researchers and analysts. Not everyone though prefers to serve in the public sector. A lot get employed as private investigators, corporate safety and security consultants, and security agents, among others.

With an extensive background that range from an understanding of criminal laws, international policies and diplomacy, psychology, sociology, among others, graduates of any criminal justice courses have so many opportunities open for them in the safety and security industry and profession. Included also in the choice are academic opportunities as lecturers and consultants.

Guide to Playing Risk Online

Playing Risk online is quite a different experience than what many people are used to. Risk fans often grow up playing with their friends and family around the dining room table, where conversation is encouraged. However the online experience can offer many rewards and an enjoyable game, but there are a few precautions.

1. While playing online, there is a great chance that you will never see your opponent in real life or even online again. This can lead to some abusive behavior, especially if the game does not go one players way. Try to ignore or disregard rude remarks and if possible, leave feed back or ban that player from playing with you again.

2. Diplomacy is a huge part of table top Risk. Negotiating, or strong arming your friends is a key to success. In online Risk, diplomacy isn’t as important since some sites lack the ability to communicate with other players. Also it is much easier to break a diplomatic agreement with your friends than it is with a stranger online.

3. Traditional games of Risk would last hours, often well into the night. This is certainly not possible for many people which is why they turn to playing online. Most sites have a system where a player takes one turn, then another player has 12-24 hours to take their turn etc. This can lead to a player taking only 1 turn per day, or ever 2-3 turns per week. While this may seem agonizingly slow, players often have more than one game going at once, and turns can be taking in a few minutes over morning coffee. Some sites offer real time play, but be prepared to reserve a chunk of time if you need it.

4. Playing Risk online will often lead to a broader strategy gaming experience as many sites have new maps and features that do not exist with the table top version. It is often best to get comfortable with the classic game board and default rules before engaging with some of the new and innovative features. Keep in mind that many players have mastered some of the expert features and playing against a new player with little to no experience will almost certainly result in a loss.

5. There are numerous places to play Risk online, some of them offer a rich experience, but many are poorly designed and not worth the time it takes to get started.

Ikariam: How To Guides

How to get points?
Ikariam overall score depends on the sum of 3 different scores plus the total citizens from your towns. The different scores are:

  • Master Builder Scores, which is calculated from the resources spent on building or upgrading buildings;
  • Scientists, calculated from the research points used to develop technologies;
  • Generals, which is calculated from the resources spent on the units or ships alive)

How to build a palace?
This building is one of the foundations of your very empire! As soon as you have the research “Expansion” complete, you’ll be able to build this which will allow you to start colonizing in another islands. Besides that research you’ll only need 612 of wood for 1st level and 4h28 of time.

How to get wood/marble/crystal/sulphur?
Wood is a natural resource available in all the islands of this game. Going to the “Island View” on Ikariam, you’ll have a view over your island, there you have to look for the Saw Mill in which you can allocate workers from the free people on the city. For the others resources, which are more rare, only one of them is available per island. So, until you colonize islands with these resources, trade with others players,buy in the market or steal them.

How to get points fast?
My advise would be to be very present at the initial moments of the game where buildings are done faster, find a few players to begin trading the resources you need with those you have plenty of, etc

How to make money/gold?
Increasing population (Upgrading City Hall, Tavern/Museum)

  • Cutting the workers from the saw mill, the vineyard, the sulphur pit, the quarry, the crystal mine, the Academy or the Temple)
  • Sell the resources you have in excess in the market, have in attention that any price above 2/3 is profit, but i’d recommend to sell around 8/12 gold per unit.
  • Reduce your army or navy

How to colonize?

As said for the “How to build a palace” question, after having “Expansion” research ready colonizing is easy. Going to the “View World” you just have to select any of the islands surround you (or not you may prefer it on some “strategic point”) and on the island view if the island isn’t full you will see some yellow flags. Click on them and if you have the needed resources you’re pretty much done. Just will have to wait some time to the boats arrive now.

How to move troops between towns?
Go to your destination town and click “Island View”. From here, select the town from where you’re sending your troops and click on the destination city. You’ll have the button to transfer the troops clickable.

How to search for players/towns?
Have attention that this is considered illegal in the game, careful when speaking about this. So, a team of great guys made an online tool that crawls all the Ikariam servers and you can use this tool to search the player or the town you want. – Just select the Country and the server on the left menu and insert what you have about the city/player on the left.

How to join/leave an alliance?
You’re able to join an alliance when you have a free diplomacy point. You earn them building/upgrading the Embassy which requires the research “Foreign Cultures”. To leave the alliance enter the embassy (Any, if you have +1) and take a look on the left menu. You have there the link to left the alliance. From the last upgrade, when I wrote this, after doing that, it takes 24h hours until you are effectively out.

How to invite people to alliance?
Since there is no official invitation system, you have to send private messages for each player you might want in your alliance asking them to join.

How to increase workers?
For being able to have a large number of workers in mines (e.g.) you have to make constant donations so that you can increase the workers as your population grows. Don’t let all the donation efforts for yourself make your neighbourhs donate as well or steal from them the wood you will donate hehe. Also, having the “Auxiliar Hands” research you will have the possibility to put more workers from the limit at an extra cost.