The Addictive World of Warcraft

When you first enter the world of Azeroth you know that you are playing a game. When you first pick your faction and create a character, as well as choosing a class for that character, you know that you are just setting the confines of your computer created environment and setting some parameters for your game play. However, it doesn’t take too long before you start identifying with that world, the characters that inhabit it and viewing your avatar as an extension of you!

World of Warcraft is one of the most innovative and enthralling Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games in existence. With 10 million active players at any one time Blizzard (the game’s manufacturer) has to be doing something right.

Although playing games in an online world has become a popular method of entertainment World of Warcraft players tend to take it to a whole new level.

There are players who will spend entire days playing on this platform only stopping to sleep or to take very short breaks in order to eat or go to the toilet. Moving up the levels is an important part of the game and experienced players want to gain access to higher levels quicker than their friends and guild members.

There are many people who complain that World of Warcraft is a game that is as damaging as, the very publicized, online game Second Life which has been the cause of relationship break-downs and marriage break-ups – all due to its addictive nature.

Although in some extreme cases this is probably true of World of Warcraft it does have many other advantages that are often totally ignored by people who just want to bash it!

Playing this game can and almost always does create real skills that you can use in the real world such as instilling a sense of teamwork in players, helping to develop leaderships qualities and a host of other useful interpersonal skills. Many of the skills developed in the World of Warcraft computer environment can be easily transferred into the real world and especially into the working environment.

In fact playing such a massive game, which requires major interaction with other “real world” players, develops a keen sense of communication and diplomacy which is essential in any and all human interactions.

It is said that failure in business and over-cost issues are almost always the result of pure communication! So the ability of an online game to develop this skill makes it a real asset.

There are also managerial skills that are automatically developed while playing World of Warcraft that would cost thousands of dollars in training to acquire the traditional way.

For example, Yahoo’s Senior Director of Engineering Operations, Stephen Gillett, openly admits that he developed many of the leadership skills he uses in his job through his role as a guild master of one of World of Warcraft’s largest guilds!